Welcome to “ComPro“– Computer Professionals Program— a unique opportunity in higher education that combines an affordable master’s degree in Computer Science with professional experience in the United States.

The Master’s Degree program at Maharishi International University enrolls more than 350 students per year, with international students entering every August, November, February and April. U.S. students may enroll in August and February.

Attractions of the program include:

  • Low initial cost: $3000 to $7500 for first 8 months–average is $5000 (includes single residence hall room, organic vegetarian dining, health insurance, tuition)
  • Paid internships in U.S. companies after 8-9 months on-campus study
  • Average internship salaries $90,000 per year
  • Extensive financial aid for international students
  • Safe, welcoming international campus community
  • More than 600 Nepalese graduates since 1996 (3200 from 95 nations)
  • Study one course per month full-time
  • Learn from top faculty in an accredited university
  • Single residence hall rooms
  • Learn a simple, scientific technique that reduces stress and increases creativity
  • Four entries every year

Learn more at https://ComPro.miu.edu