I am working for a consulting company (LTI Pvt. Ltd.) and my client is Citi Bank and I have received RFE on my h1b this year. Also, my STEM opt is pending and I have LTI as my current employer in STEM OPT application. LTI is not very responsive and it is trying to delay the response to my RFE.But, now I have got another full time job nearby and I would like to switch the company. So, I would like to withdraw my h1b this year and move to this new company. But, I am worried that it might affect my STEM opt processing as that OPT application has LTI as my current employer. Also, I am in cap gap right now from the same employer as my first year OPT has already expired in August.

Please, I would really appreciate any comments/suggestions in this situation. If someone knows whether or not I can switch company as of now. I would really like to switch because LTI is not very responsive and the new job is a full time role.

Thank you,

Suraj Pandey