Hello Everyone

I just want to share airline traveling experience to Nepal Today, I landed at 6:00 AM at TIA. Everything was as usual just extra documents RT- PCR COVID-19 negative report (mandatory) and CCMC conformation with barcode ( you can fill at the time of landing at airport) US to Turkey ( plane was partially occupied but everyone wear mask, they just open at time of eating) Tuerky to Nepal ( plane was full with passengers) All connections flights started from USA, they are validating COVID -19 reports seriously I’m term of date and type of test.

Specially American Airlines and turkey airlines are analyzing Covid-19 report much seriously than when you land at Nepal. Emigration time and collecting louge bags times are same. I feel that they are counting times for COVID-19 reports from the time we submit sample but I am not sure either it’s report release time or sample collection time. I did my Covid test from primary care and used my mobile to show report.

I hope this will help.